Jute Gallery

To mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, an exhibition namely ‘Jute Mela’was put up by National Children’s Museum in National Bal Bhavan. This exhibition was inaugurated by Sh. Mukesh Gupta, Deputy Director (Admn.) on 28th September, 2019. Following the path of self emancipation shown by Bapu, Jute can be used as one of its tool. Self empowerment can change one’s life for the better and areas falling in the jute belts have proven this. It is one of the most affordable fibers, second to cotton in production and variety of uses. Jute called as ‘ The Golden Fabric’ is in use as a textile since Indus Valley Civilization (3rd Century BC). Jute is bringing empowerment to the women in two aspects- morally and monetarily. It is eco friendly and a great alternative for plastic. Here in this exhibition are displayed attractive Jute products from all spheres of life, enchanting decorative items which also keep the environment clean. So let’s pledge for cleaner and healthier India and use-eco friendly products only.