Radio and Electronics

Radio and Electronics Activity National Bal Bhavan

This section is open to children between the age group of 12 to 16 years. It deals with teaching the basics of electricity and electronics, electrical wiring, repairing of home appliances, assembling of television, radio and computer hardware, designing circuits and making working electronic projects. Children are also taught about the more complex circuits, digital technology as used in clocks, watches and displays, new alternative energy devices such as solar cookers, boilers, small windmills etc. This section is also researching on the possibilities of screen printing circuits using computers. The section is equipped with a Ham Radio. Efforts are on to train children in hamming so they can form an Amateur Club of Hammers. Children who join this club can eventually pass the requisite Ham Radio Operators’ examination and establish a Ham Station of their own. This would empower the children of the world to come close to each other and make the world a true global village for them.