Sanskriti Shilpa Gram (The Indian Village)

Indian Village

The Indian Village of National Bal Bhavan is yet another special attraction where a village scene has been created inside the campus. Small huts, machaan, swings, a village well and women standing near it to draw water, a cow and its calf, a bull and a farmer, small sitting platforms called chaupals, floor applied with cow dung and mud, along with traditional folk art depicted all over, makes the whole ambience unique.

Every Saturday, the Culture Crafts Village becomes vibrant with all the Art & Craft Activities shifting to the village complex. These include papier machie, pottery, henna application, toy making etc. Children are enthralled to see the potter’s spinning wheel that enables the potter to create beautiful The hummable songs sung by folk singers make the whole atmosphere Festive. All the festivals that fall in different seasons/ months are also jointly celebrated on Saturdays. Such joint celebrations not only make children aware of the diverse cultures of our country but also instill their hearts with a feeling of unity in diversity.