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Comilation of Literary Meet's Deliberations

National Bal Bhavan provides a unique opportunity to children’s authors/editors, illustrators, publishers and readers (children) when they are brought together on a common platform to interact with each other. Such an interaction enables the authors to know more about their clientele, motivates publishers to publish better publications for children and enthuses the children by giving them an opportunity of interacting with their favourite authors, apart from gaining inspiration to read, write and appreciate literature. The first such meet was organized in 1993 and till 2004 nine such meets had been organized. The deliberations of each of these meets have been compiled and published in the form of nine books by the National Bal Bhavan. These nine books are Trividha, Tridhara, Tripada, Tridisha, Tripathaga, Triveni, Trisandhya, Trisangam and Trivarna. All these books are being used as reference material by the teachers, authors, publishers and researchers working in the area of children’s literature.

Akkar Bakkar and Akkar Bakkar Times

National Bal Bhavan can claim credit for conducting the first ever experiment, in which a children’s booklet is completely produced by the children. The articles are written by children and the graphics too are made by them. There is a children’s editorial board, which selects the articles & edits them, selects photographs, graphics and cover page. Moreover, children themselves do the layout planning and thereafter the booklet is published. Thus, Akkar Bakkar can be aptly described as a booklet ‘of the children, for the children and by the children’. During the summer session, when thousands of children take part in Bal Bhavan activities, a weekly newspaper ‘Akkar Bakkar Times’ is brought out as an extension of Akkar Bakkar. This newspaper is also totally planned and brought out by the children’s own efforts. The news reports, interviews and features etc. are all written by the children themselves.


Multimedia Package ‘Sancharan’ on Environment

Experimental Books

The Magic Eye