Science Park

Science Park

Learning is fun in the Science Park - Photo caption for one or two pics In 1990 a scheme for establishing Science Parks at the National Bal Bhavan and also in State Bal Bhavans was initiated. In the implementation of this scheme, a Science Park was established in National Bal Bhavan and over a period of 5 years from 1992 to 1997, twenty Science Parks were established in State Bal Bhavans with the support of National Bal Bhavan.

The Science Parks are not just a means of recreation and entertainment, but also play a big role in enhancing children's knowledge and creativity. Children come to understand scientific laws and principles easily when they see attractive working models and visuals depicting various scientific concepts. Science Parks are meant for every child, irrespective of the fact whether she is a science student or not. Children are always keen to know the 'How and Why' of things and the Science Park models and the related write-ups enable them to understand the underlying principles. They are also able to relate these phenomena with other similar events and try to draw a relationship between them. In this way, their logical approach and analytical capabilities are developed and they become more observant.

The Science Park at the National Bal Bhavan houses simple science models, which are a big attraction for the children. There are many things in the Park, which would seem to be similar to those that are available in other parks, like swings or see-saw. However, the see-saw in National Bal Bhavan's Science Park has a distinctive feature, i.e. the fulcrum is not always at the centre. Children find it quite amusing that a thin child can lift a heavy child without much effort. Likewise, the length of swings is kept different so the children while swinging can rationalize a relationship between the time and length of the swing. Benches are provided for people to sit and relax in all the parks. Likewise in the Science Park of National Bal Bhavan too, albeit with a difference.

The benches at the National Bal Bhavan's Science Park are made up of different coloured stones, one each in white, grey and black. Thus, children can understand the concept of absorption of heat just by sitting on different benches. In addition, there are also huge models of the pin-hole camera, periscope, a working model that lifts water using the principle of screw, musical pipes, solar models depicting distillation of water and solar powered tube lights.

The Science Park in the National Bal Bhavan provides joy of learning in its truest sense.