Mini Zoo and Aviary Houses

A child not loving animals, has it ever been heard? Children love birds and animals. In their imagination, they want to swim with the fish, fly with pigeons, dance with peacocks, sing with cuckoos, run with butterflies and play with the pets. They are thrilled to the core on seeing ducks fluttering when they come out of water, the rare varieties of pigeons wearing feathers that look like overcoats, the warbling mynas, hopping munias and the rabbits with their soft, delicate fur. Taking into Consideration the fancies of children and their psychological leanings, a mini zoo and a fish corner were created in National Bal Bhavan.

The Mini Zoo and Aviary houses have more than 20 varieties of pigeons, parrots, mynas, budgerigars, manias, cuckoos, partridges, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits.

In 2004, there was an addition of rare African and Australian 'Love Birds' in the bird family. Children not only enjoy seeing these animals and birds, but also learn about their food habits, adaptation and parental care. They learn to take care of sick animals and develop a feeling of love and compassion for all living things.