The Traffic Park

Stop! Says Red no! no! no!
Says Yellow, get ready to go.
Green says, now you can move,
In your lane and in your row.

This message is given by the traffic lights and this message is communicated to the children too, as they have to follow the traffic rules, in the Traffic Park of National Bal Bhavan. A small Traffic Park has been created in the premises of National Bal Bhavan with the support of Delhi Traffic Police to make the children aware of various aspects related to road safety in a play way method. The park is equipped with the traffic signals, road signs, small roads and road crossings. Children are provided with small bicycles and are briefed about the significance of road signals. It is also equipped with audio-visual projection facility. Films/slide shows related to road safety are also shown to children. Traffic Park is an added attraction, which not only provides fun to the children but also educates them.