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Exhibition in the Museum to celebrate Constitution Day

It is generally believed that Museums are of interest primarily to researchers or the grown-ups, who constitute the majority of visitors thronging the museum. But we often forget another group who would be sufficiently equipped with their own collections of diverse nature to form a small but exclusive treasure of their own. This group, obviously, is constituted by children, whose collection instinct is so profound that each child has his own very personal collection of things which are very dear and special to him. The need to explore the world around, a curious urge to find a reason for every occurrence and the creative instinct are some other common qualities every child is imbued with. The Museums can play a vital role in satisfying these qualities of children.

Therefore, it is important to have exclusive museums for the exclusive and special group of youngsters. In fact, it is the need of the hour that Museums become an instrument of non-formal education i.e. places where children can learn without the burden of books, compulsions of examination and regimentation for formal system of education.

The National Children's Museum is a part and parcel of National Bal Bhavan and has been planned for special group of youngster taking into consideration child's psychology and his approach of looking the world around. Here, alongwith the museum exhibits, participatory activities are also conducted, where children are free to experiment, observe and analyze.

The Museum possesses a rich collection of objects that fascinates children including toys and dolls from different countries, stone and bronze objects, traditional jewellery, utensils, art and craft material, musical instruments, head gears, currency of various countries etc. National Children's Museum of National Bal Bhavan is the only institution of its kind in the country and enjoys a National Status and advocates for the utility and importance of children's Museums as a source of enriching and strengthening their knowledge.

National Bal Bhavan organizes many workshops and seminars on different themes in such an innovative way that the desired learning is informally acquired in a most effective manner. Like wise the Museum also provides numerous opportunities to children to help them realize their own potential as artists, craftsmen, performers or scientists by organizing workshops in different areas. The Museum in fact provided a rich soil where the seeds of curiosity germinate and the children have a relevant outlet befitting their creative abilities.

In the National Children's Museum, there are two types of exhibition in its galleries -

(i) Permanent exhibitions and

(ii) Temporary exhibitions, where theme based exhibitions are mounted from time to time.

Permanent Exhibitions

The following are the permanent exhibitions, which constitute the main attractions of the Museum.

Hamara Bharat :

Hamara Bharat presents a panoram of Indian life, its throbbing culture, rich art and craft, diversity of rituals and religious, glimpses of our rich culture and advancements in the fields of Science and Technology.

Gaurav Gatha :

Created by Smt. Sushila Patel Gokhale this gallery consists of a series of miniature dioramas depicting India's glorious past, its culture, its battles and victories, its legends and customs, its struggle for freedom, its social reforms, its great leaders and above all its all-pervading spirit of unity in diversity..

Surya :

Installed in 1996-97 the Surya or the 'Sun' gallery, is the one of its kind in India. It depicts the 'Sun' not only in the context of the Indian culture but also embracing the concept of the 'Sun' in other countries /civilizations, where it has been glorified, namely, Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, Greece etc.

Temporary Exhibitions

This is the gallery where theme based exhibitions are put up from time to time. The exhibition put up frequently in this gallery is children's Creative Works. This exhibition is put up every year. This is one exhibition dedicated totally to the creativity of children.