Aero modelling is one of the finest hobbies, which is very popular world wide among people of all ages and professions. It has often been the starting point of many Pilots and Aeronautical engineers. “It is a hobby in which a cadet learns to build up the model of actual aircrafts which are unable to carry persons and used for sports purposes”.



The aim of introducing Aeromodelling in the NBB curriculum is to increase the air-mindness in the youth of our country. If taken in right lines, it can be extremely thrilling for all.  ·   By constructing the models by one’s own hands, one can understand the various principle of flight and problems of construction.


The history of Aeromodelling goes back much further than the history of real aircraft. It was started in the nineteenth century by Dr. Thomas Young who discovererd the lifting property of a cambered surfaces comparison to flat surface.

.• Sir George Caley built a helicopter model in 1796.
• John Stringfellow built a spring operated model in 1842.
• Alphonse Penand invented model fitted with tail surfaces and wings with dihedral angle.
• In 1918, Professor Langley built a petrol driven model called Aerodrome No. 5. This revolutionised the concept of Aeromodelling as there was now an ideal power plant small enough are used in aero models.



To encourage student to become Pilot, Aeromodellers and scientist etc.
To teach  them how to convert hobbies into successful careers.
We take privilege to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of all type Aeromdelling and conduct the training programme & show of Aeromodelling.
We are imparting aviation knowledge in school education and provide career consultancy in aviation and related field.
To provide an opportunity to experience the thrill of flying and trun your dreams to reality with connoisseur in flying.
To promote the growth of the sports and hobby of model flying and other adventure activities.
To assist newcomers students to the hobby in selection of models/equipment and provide flying training .
To encourage and support research in model aircraft design theory and construction .
To assist and support the development of the aeromodelling hobby through joint training programs .