This section is open to children between the age group of 7 to 16 years. It deals with giving the KNOWLEDGE OF ASTRONOMY, UNIVERSE, ROCKET SCIENCE and the career opportunity to be a scientist like ISRO or DRDO.

There are so many activities in this section like making the static and working models of satellites , rockets or launching vehicles, telescopes etc. Children are also taught about the Origin of the UNIVERSE, Big Bang theory and Steady States, Our galaxy (Milky way), Life of a Stars, Origin of the SOLAR SYSTEM, Monistic, Dualistic, Supernova, The SUN, The Planets, Morning Star and Evening Star, ASREROIDS and METEORITES, COMETS, Earth Rotation Is Decreasing, The MOON, SOLAR ECLIPSE & LUNAR ECLIPSE, Globe- altitudes and longitudes, Time Calculation, Applied ASTRONOMY, Knowledge about the ASTRONAUTS.

The main objective of this section is to help students recognize the universal facts so that the students will be able to learn about the universe, to learn about the solar system and it planets, to learn how do satellites work & knowledge about ISRO and international space agencies, to learn how to construct the working models by using the proven technique of learning by doing. This section also conducts visits to THE NEHRU PLANETARIUM, National Science centre etc. for students.


The aim of introducing astronomy in National Bal Bhavan curriculum is to increase the universe related knowledge in the youth of our country. If it is taken in a right lines, it can be extremely thrilling for all. By constructing the models by one’s own hands, one can understand the various knowledge to know about the Universe, satellites, rockets, ISRO .